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Items on eBay, with misspellings in title or description no one can find with regular search. In the category Wargames & Role-Playing for example, they often look for: 10mm, warmachine, foundry, forgeworld, painted, infinity, perry, tau, dwarf, citadel, dark angels, chaos, rules, 20mm, warmaster, epic, imperial guard, scenery, goblin, napoleonic, empire, terminator, bolt action, flames of war, board games, space marines, dungeons and dragons, saga, 25mm, vampire counts, 1 300, ecw, ogre, malifaux, orc, traveller, rogue trader, grey knights, inquisitor, zombie, tomb kings, troll, dreadnought, necromunda, chimera, squat, rhino, minifigs, confrontation, joblot, forge world, babylon 5, wings of war, grenadier, dragon, war of the roses, female, daemon, codex, case, painted army, dark vengeance, man o war, copplestone, land raider, miniatures, blood angels, judge dredd, pre slotta, building, ork, bases, collection, 1 3000, predator, 1 72, tank, lot, 40k, terrain, awi, cthulhu, hobbit, necron, space wolves, old west, 28mm painted, medieval, pro painted, dystopian wars, gripping beast, 15mm, lord of the rings, 6mm, 28mm, lotr, army, …

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